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  • There is no «away»
    A study on how to move towards a circular plastics economy

    My name is Vilma Havas. I work in SALT and have been working on an interdisciplinary PhD about the global plastics economy since January 2019. For the next four years I will be digging into how we produce, use and dispose of plastic materials, in order to find out how we can do all of this in a more sustainable way. In this blog, I will give you an insight to my work and share some of the findings and experiences I’ll have along the way.

    If you have comments, feedback or other inquiries regarding the PhD project, you’ll be able to reach me at vilma@salt.nu.

    – Vilma

    The study is supported by the Norwegian Research Council and my employer, Salt Lofoten (SALT). My supervisors are Dr. Jannike Falk-Andersson from SALT, Dr. Lone Kørnøv from the Danish Center for Environmental Assessment at the Aalborg University, and Dr. Jenna Jambeck from the University of Georgia.

  • Abonner på nyhetsvarsel